Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Saturday Session & Reminder to enter Beach to Brother

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 9th June

Where: Meet in Captain Burke Park

Time: 6:30am - 8am

What: Long Run, Short Run, Long Walk, Short Walk, need i go on?  The choice is yours, plenty of routes leaving from this location.
Renae and I are going to be on the Kangaroo Point Cliff stairs again if anyone wants to join the fun.

Cost: $2

Breaky at Story Bridge Hotel.  We haven't been back there for a while, and I remember the breakfast being really good there.

Reminder to Enter

Entries are now open for our next BRS on Tour Event, The Beach to Brother Running Festival.

Go to and select Registration under Entry menu.  From there you can select the distance you want to compete in and select if you want to be part of a team.  Selecting 'create a team' only applies if you are going to compete in the marathon relay, otherwise select 'I'm a participant'.  Fill in your details, choose your event again.  

We have a discount code, put this in the promo code: b2bbr.  This will give you 10% discount.

Then pay.

Boom, your in!!!!!

I have been hearing stories of the finish mountain, Mt Brother.  I have knocked up a very rough elevation map of the course using highly technical computer skills probably way above a normal persons comprehension to give you an idea of the terrain.

Read it and weep.  It's going to be challenging.  But that is what it is all about right?
 Happy Running

BRS Coaches

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