Thursday, June 21, 2018

Gold Coast Festival + BRS Winter Changes

Saturday Sessions (That is plural)

As Renae and myself will be overseas for the next 3 weekends, let's pre-schedule Saturday Sessions. 

When: Saturday 23rd June
            Saturday 30th June
            Saturday 7th July

Time6:30am - 8:00am [NOTE later start]

Where: Meet at the steps near South Beach Social (Previously Southbank Surf Club), Southbank

What:  Too many options to list.  Here are some suggestions: 1.5hr long run, long run with parkrun on the end, parkrun, etc etc.

Cost: Free

Please note as per the new winter model, there will be no refreshments after the session.  There are, however many options for breakfast and a refreshing coffee after.

Also please note, Saturday 30th June is Gold Coast Marathon weekend, so running partners may be limited.  Please utilise social media correspondence between yourselves to organise.

Gold Coast Marathon Festival

Next weekend Saturday and Sunday 30th and 1st will see a handful of BRSers competing in varying distances at the Gold Coast Marathon Festival.

The BRS Tent will be there as usual, however it will be getting set up early Saturday morning, so expect it to be down in Mitchell Park somewhere, north of Smith Street Motorway intersection.  This location may be further away from the start line, but will give everyone a great view of the runners as they head for home.

After 11 years of Running the GC Marathon festival, we are both guttered we won't be there running and supporting.  

Good luck to everyone sporting the Blue and White of BRS.  And I hope you have a fabulous after party. 

Winter Running Model

As announced at our dinner last week, we are trialing a new training model for the winter months.

Starting week 25th June there will be training on Wednesday evenings and Saturday Mornings only.

Wednesday evenings will be a usual start of 6pm - 7pm, meeting in same spot and The Ship Inn, Southbank.  These sessions will be an "All In" session, meaning we want everyone there as a show of force, community, and for you to share the run with as many BRSers as possible!  Those who turn up in a BRS uniform will only have to pay $5 for training as an incentive instead of $6. New to the squad? Don't have a BRS Uniform yet? shoot us an email to get a uniform happening for you .

Saturday Mornings will be starting from 6:30 am, giving the sun (and ourselves) a little extra time to get out of bed.  We will be using Southbank as a meeting point twice a month, some trail running once a month and a local Parkruns once a month. 

At the end of winter we will re-evaluate and get feedback from our members.

Beach to Brother Assault

Upon Renae and my return from overseas (yes I dropped it again), keep your eye out for  a lead up program preparing you for the Beach to Brother running festival at the end of September.  The trail runs will be aimed at the training.  I have my eye on some fun looking events we can use as lead up events.

Lots to look forward to, none more than my trip (Boom, again)

Happy Running

BRS Coaches

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