Friday, January 22, 2010

Starting 2010 on a high!

Another top week of training, slow runs in the heat, some fast speed work, and hitting the hills! Our NO. 1 piece advice to start 2010 with a bang........Consistency consistency, consistency........the key to fitness and a healthy lifestyle! Keep up the attendance and you will see some great results.

Upcoming Events
Some of you were inquiring about the Twilight run on Sunday 21st March, the first goal for many of you in 2010! Entries are still open, so go to for more details.
Remember to type Brisbane Run Squad in the Team name, the more the merrier!!

New Shoes
Start the year on a high and keep away any potential injuries from old, worn out shoes.
Robson, Glen and their staff at Active Stride, Southbank are experts in everything running, shoes, socks, hydration, running wear, heart rate monitors and more! Remember by being a member of BRS, you are entitled to 10% ! Remember to show your card!

Matt will be putting in an order for uniforms next Thursday 28 January. If you would like to wear a BRS singlet/shirt for the Twilight run, put your order in now. Please email Matt at or let him know at training if you would like to order a running shirt or singlet or a cycling jersey. Please see uniform page for samples and sizes:

Good luck Kylie
A great turn out at the Ship Inn for dinner last Wednesday night to say good-bye and good luck to Kylie. After only starting running seriously 6months ago, Kylie continued to smash her PBs over her 4months with BRS. Best wishes with your new job! Keep up the running !

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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