Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Goals

Wednesday night training saw the last session for our latest goal, The Hare and Hound cross country race at Woodford. Well done to all and good luck to those competing on Sunday.

Monday night's training will be the first step towards our next goal, being, The Brisbane Twilight Festival on 21st March. There is the option of a 3km, 10km or 21km long race. Our training will be divided up into 3 phases again, each concentrating on different aspects of running. The race is 10 weeks away, so we should be all ready and raring to go by then.

The training sessions will be designed for the 3km and 10km events. For those of you who are thinking about doing the half marathon 21km event we would recommend extra training sessions on top of the usual Monday and Wednesday nights to ensure you are fit for the event. We can design you a personal training program to prepare you for the 21kms. These personalised training programs will be at a monthly cost, either inclusive or exclusive of Mon and Wed nights session charges, and will be given to you every fortnight based on your individual needs. If you are interested, please see Matt or Renae at training or email

Last weekend I organised a run at Mt Cootha for Saturday. I posted it on the blog, but unfortunately the info did not get through to every one quickly enough. I have had a play with the blog to see if I can get a notification sent through via email if a new blog is posted, but the functionality is not available with this blogger, we are investigating a program to allow us to do this. In the mean time we will email info through to the email addresses of registered members.
So don't forget to read the blog often!
Remember if you are not already a member, you can join via our membership page and receive discounts at Active Stride, Red Hill Physio, All Sports The Gap, and on BRS Uniforms and events.

Happy Running
Renae and Matt

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