Saturday, November 27, 2010

5 Km Timetrial

Congratulations to all who completed the 5km time trial on Wednesday night 24th Nov 2010. Amazingly, everyone acheived a PB (with the exception of a few who have not been able to train for ages). There were some massive PB's with some taking as much as 5 min's off!

Bag Winners
Winners of a Mizuno draw string bag were chosen from:
a. Run time closest to a predicted time or,
b. If no predicted time given, closest to current PB time.

And the winners are.............................................

Katrina F: not only did she predict a time 4min 35 sec faster than her PB. She came in only 16sec off her prediction.
Claire L: with no predicted time she came in only 3 sec off her previous PB
Steve G: no predicted time, came in only 34 sec off his previous PB
Kris R: Being his first timetrial, he was only 34 sec off his predicted time
Geoff O: only first timetrial also, Geoff was 70 sec off his predicted time

Special mention to Matt C, he was only 1 min off his predicted time and went 5 sec faster than his previous PB. Considering his time over the 5 km was 17min 40sec, we are going to throw a bag his way also.

Well done to all. We are going to do a 5km timetrial every 2 months from now on instead of 3 months. This will help us as coaches to track your progress more closely and you as athletes to track your progress more accurately.

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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