Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Morning Core Training

We had a good turn out for the mornings combo session. 45 min long run followed by 45 min core circuit training.
There was alot of whining and some had trouble sitting on the swiss ball, but everyone did really well and we hope some good tips and core training tecniques will be taken away and used by yourselves.

BRS Xmas Party

A little bit of rain wasn't enough to dampen the spirits of all the attendees at the xmas party on Saturday. After Renae and I took 1 hour to figure out how to erect the marquee, and then only after the help from Janett and some friendly locals, the party kicked off with croquet and giant connect 4 being the main entertainment.

With the pitch soggy to swamp style, things heated up in our croquet challenge. The winner to take home a gift voucher for $99 to be used for a Story Bridge Climb. After 4 heats the final came down to 4 teams, Matt and Melissa, Claire and Shelley, Col and Michelle, Ben and Steve. It was a nail biter, being made a bigger challenge with Ben and Steve deciding they could not win so changing tactics to be as bigger trouble makers as possible.

Eventually the final won by Col and Michelle. But, as there can be only one winner, it was either a fight to the death or a knock out croquet round. Dissapointedly they chose the croquet.
And the winner was........................................................................................COL. Congrats!!!!!!!

Afterwards, we walked up to the Story Bridge Hotel for some dinner and drinks. I have only received second hand info but I have heard that Matt S may have had one too many chandys and was finding the floor of the hotel not too stable. I also believe Col was driving the porcelein bus later that night shouting at Hughey.

A great night had by all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for next year.

Happy Running (and partying)
Renae & Matt

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