Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twilight Running Festival Early Bird Entry

Early Bird Entries finish on 31 Dec 2010, after which they go up $10, and continue to rise if you enter even later. So, get in the action as soon as you can and save yourself some money.

Instructions on how to enter are below. Dont forget to enter as part of the Brisbane Run Squad team. Last year we won the biggest team prize and received lots of prizes!

1. Go to registration website: www.twilightrun.com.au. Go to ENTER on left hand side. You can then choose to enter online, by post or by person.
2. Select which event you would like to register in. If you have more than one entrant, I would suggest entering seperately. It gets abit confusing on the next page with deffering entrants and distances.
3. Proceed by clicking “Add to my entry”.
4. You can pre-fill the details if you entered last year and have an email and password. Otherwise fill out your details. REmember to enter Brisbane Run Squad as your Team/Organisation Name.
5. Agree to the terms
6. Check all details are correct and accurate
7. Proceed to payment area and complete payment
8. Once payment is complete, you will be automatically emailed a tax invoice.

The costs per race and dates when the prices increase, as well as the cut-off dates for all the different method of entry are on the ENTER window.

Hope to see you there

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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