Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saturday Session and Injury Prevention Workshop

Saturday Session

For those of you doing the half or full marathon at the Brissy running festival, I hope you are in the full swing of your loooong runs!! only 2 weeks to go!

This week our BRS long run is:

When: Saturday 21st July
Where: Meet on the Bike Track at the front of the Regatta (we will bring a container for key/money etc and drop it back to the car)
Time: 6am for a 2 hour run, 6:30am for a 1.5 hour run
What: endurance run, a few circuits to choose from and Breaky at Regatta Hotel afterwards.
Cost: $2 refreshments

Myself or Matt will see you there!

Injury Prevention Workshop
I am attending this workshop and thought it might be of interest to some of you.
A perfect opportunity to learn more about getting and staying injury free, specifically for runners.
David Bick a leading Australian Sports Physio will be presenting at the workshop.

Date: 18th August
Time: 9:30am-5pm
Where: Mansfield
See the QPEC Website for more details.
Places are limited, so hurry if you are keen!

Strength and Conditioning
We are into our second round of S&C training on Thursday nights. 9 of us are doing it regularly, but feel free to come along and join us for a casual session when you can make it
S&C is a key part to staying injury free and ensuring your technique is efficient and effective!

I attended last night and hopefully will be there frequently and found it to be a great session.

When: Thursday nights
Where: Meet on the left hand side of the Ship Inn (the loading zone near the stairs)
What: 1 hour of Strength and Conditioning coached by Troy O'Shea
Cost: $10

Happy Running!

Renae and Matt

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