Sunday, October 14, 2012

BRS 3rd Birthday Party Wrap Up

Thanks Thanks Thanks!!
I would just like to start with some words of thanks to all who contributed to our 3rd Birthday party

Thanks to our great sponsors Mizuno for their generosity with our awards and prizes!

Thanks to Sassafras for the great meal, atmosphere and lovely staff!!

Last but not least......thanks to our wonderful BRS team for three great years of the club and for your energy and enthusiasm on Saturday night! it was great to see you all there!

Awards and Prizes
Each year we present three awards: Most Improved, Most Consistent, and Runner's Runner. 
This year the well deserved recipients of the awards were:
Most Improved = Sean Brown
This one was really tough as everybody in BRS has achieved and smashed their own personal goals this year, whether it be getting faster, going further, or trying other sports. 
Sean really stands out to us...why?
It is the silent assassin!! he started in the B2B beginners group run walking in 2010 and 2011. He has been running with BRS over a year going from strength to strength. He B2B times over the last three years tell the story beautifully.......
2010: 1hr, 16mins
2011: 52.45mins
2012: 46.27mins
An improvement of 30mins over 10km !!!  He is now running with the 500 group! the sky is the limit! Well done Sean. 

Most Consistent = Andrew Marrington
This awards goes to the runner that has attended the most mid-week sessions, regularly attends Saturday sessions and is usually present at BRS social functions.
This year it was a very close race!!!  Our top five included Michelle W, Steve G, Sally, and Jill! 
Andrew just pipped them at the post! Well done Andrew

Runner's Runner = Michelle Wood
Never before have we had so many different runners nominated by other runners for this prestigious award! I read many of the other nominations out on the night! Well done to all BRSers who were nominated! 

Think about who at BRS has inspired you, impressed you, makes you feel like running more, or just puts a smile on your face.

This much deserved winner for 2013 was Michelle Wood. Some of the entries included:
·         squad. 
  • She's always there in the small band of runners who turn up to training on rainy nights, and she has become a great friend to many of us. She is well liked and respected by everyone

  • Nomination given because she is driven, never surrenders, gives everything a crack, and always brings a smile; despite what life hurls in her direction.

  • For consistency and dedication to the club, attends lots of events and training sessions, provides great support and encouragement to all and is a real runners runner
  • From injury to 1/2 Marathon Mum! Impressive!!!!!!!!  Not forgetting she is also a beautiful person!
  • For being her bubbly upbeat self day after day – and for being a great running ‘buddy’
  • Michelle is motivating, supportive, encouraging, passionate and an inspiration, in and out of the running shoes. She is the reason I turn up to training every week!

Our theme for the night was 'I need my Reality TV', and everybody put in a fine effort with costumes and party faces!!
Everybody put more than 100% into the Team Challenges throughout the night and a special mention to all those team members who participated in the Dance off!! Very brave....Some untapped dancing talent out there...and some who maybe shouldn't frequent the dance floor!!

Gorillaz Team won each taking home a Mizuno prize pack

Ben Y won best dressed coming as an interesting take on Bear Grylls

Overall BRSers a top night! Matt and I are looking forward to our fourth year with such a great bunch of people! Bring it on

Happy Running
Renae & Matt 

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