Thursday, August 22, 2013

Saturday Session + Tough Mudder Wrap + Whats next?

Saturday Session

With Tough Mudder sessions over , its time to head back to some of our old favourite running places!
With the Jan Power Markets on at New Farm...a prime spot for our Saturday run this week!

When: Saturday 24th August
Where: Meet at the Rotunda, New Farm Park
Time: 6am-8am
What: long run, followed by a trip to the markets and breaky!!
Cost: $2

It is supposed to be fabulous weather, so bring it on!!

For those of you who haven't had enough mudder action....join us at 6am for a 1.15 hour run, followed by one of Matt's 30min Mudder program workouts in the park. If so, bring a towel and water bottle.

See you all then!

Tough Mudder

What a day!! a strong BRS team of 25 made their way to the first Sunshine Tough Mudder last Saturday morning. With nerves building, butterflies in tummies, and general excitement, we all climbed the wall to get to the start line for our 7:30am kick off. We got down on one knee, chanted thou shall not race, but see this as a challenge! thou shall not leave any man, woman, child behind........then it was GAME ON!!

We split into groups to tackle the 18km course, scattered with psychological and physical demanding obstacles, from Arctic ice baths, to jumping off 15m high platforms, to crawling through dark underground tunnels, to swinging across the most hard core monkey bars I've ever seen! I'm sure they were easier in the playground!

And Matt and I can honestly say....BRS smashed it!!!!  The teams tackled every obstacle that was thrown in their way with gusto!! they helped out their team mates, and random mudders, dragged, pulled, pushed, and encouraged their mudder mates through 10,000 volt electricity, the skate bowl from hell, log carries, and maintained nerves of steel crawling through water filled pipes and cages!

Everybody crossed the line with the biggest most satisfying faces, grins from ear to ear!

Matt and I hope that the 13 week Tough Mudder Program prepared you well for the event and gave you confidence to tackle the things that were thrown your way. We thoroughly enjoyed it and a massive congratulations to all who participated!

if you haven't already, check out the awesome photos from our supporters!!!/media/set/?set=a.580405702016831.1073741847.101806529876753&type=3

So whats next?
With the Beginners program finishing in May, the Tough Mudder Prep program finishing last week, and the Gold Coast Marathon festival done and dusted for another year, many of you have been asking so whats the next big thing, what do we focus on now!! 

Well Matt and I have some ideas to keep you loving running all the way to the festive season!
There are heaps of fun runs on the calendar......and we will add some events to spice it up!

Stay Tuned

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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