Thursday, May 22, 2014

Saturday's Run + Gold Coast Entries

Saturday's Run

This week we will be heading to Southbank for our Saturday Run.

Where: Meet at Streets Beach, near the Southbank, near the Surf Club Restaurant

: Park in the Southbank underground carpark for $2! in after 5am out by 9am. Park in the middle near the pay station, and the exit will bring you out near Max Brenners and the stairs!

Time: Meet at 5am for a 2.45hr run or 6am for a 1.45hr run.
Remember, you don't HAVE to run the whole time, choose a distance or time and go!! the finish time just means when you need to be back for stretching and refreshments if you want to join us.

Finish Time: 7:45am

Cost: $2 for refreshmente

Coffee & breaky afterwards

Gold Coast Team Entries

Thank-you to the 40 runners who have registered under the BRS Team. The Team Entry has been completed so you are all successfully registered. I will send you a follow up email you know who you are!!!

REMEMBER: You don't pick up your own packs - even though it asked you to nominate!! I will collect them as a team, usually 1 week before the event. You can collect them from training or Saturday/Sunday at the event!!

We hope everybody's training is on track!!

Remember - consistency is the KEY!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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