Thursday, November 13, 2014

G20 Saturday Run / Renae's last Hoorah

Saturday 15th November

Parkrun challenge!!!
There will be no organised BRS run due to the G20 – HOWEVER that is no excuse not to run!
So let’s do a Parkrun challenge. I want to see how many Parkruns around South East Queensland we can have BRS members running in at the same time!
I know you are all dispersed around the region, so find your closest ParkRun at and participate!!

Your Action!
Please text me a photo of you at your local ParkRun and tell me the location. Number is 0447 578 200. I will then collect them and post them on Facebook as the ParkRun Challenge!! Wouldn’t it be great 

Renae's Last Hoorah

Well, for a little while anyway!

For those of you who haven't noticed, we are expecting the birth of our second little boy very soon.
We would love to have a small celebration with everyone as part of our BRS family.
We would love to see everyone there as Renae is due the next day and may not be up for running for some time.

Where: Story Bridge Hotel, Main Street Bar and Eatery
When: Saturday 6th December, following the Saturday morning run
Time: 8am
What: Breakfast

Please RSVP via SMS, Facebook, or email

Happy Running

Renae and Matt

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