Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Charity Race - Race Beyond The Blue

Next Weekend 10th June 

A new event where 100% of your profits go to charity! 

From Perform360 - the Team organising the event: 

"Saturday the 10th of June we race for "Beyond Blue" around beautiful scenic Brisbane while searching for clues and partaking fun activities along the way

Grab 3-4 friends (or we'll add you to a group), dress in blue and get excited for an adventure race like no other. 100% of ALL funds raised will go directly to this amazing charity who tackles anxiety and depression. We start and finish at Kangaroo Point Cliffs with the race commencing at 7am sharp. We anticipate the race will take approx 2 hrs with heaps of fun along the way. On return with hopefully all the right locations achieve you will have access to some Free Massage from The Movement Team, fruit supplied by Charlies Fruit Market, supplement taste testing from Nutrition Werehouse Everton Park and much more…Entry cost per team is $60 ($15 pp).

So help us achieve our goal of $2000 for Beyond Blue while you have an amazing morning. See you there."

When: Saturday 10th June

Time: 7am 

Where: the park at top of Kangaroo Point Cliffs

What: 10-14km of running around, searching for clues and doing activities

Who: anyone!!!  Let's get some teams together. If we could get 5 teams, that is $300 we can donate to help achieve the $2000 goal. 

Cost: Team of 3 - $20 each, Team of 4 $15 each 

I have posted it on Facebook, comment there if you are keen. 
Or amongst yourselves organise some teams and enter. 

All details are here:   Facebook Event 

Enter here

And prizes for Best Dressed in Blue!!!  

P.S. I will be starting at 5:30am from the Cliffs for anyone keen, then looping back for the 7am start. Matty L is turning up at 6:40am for the Event for anyone keen to meet him there for a 7am kick off. 

This Weekend


When: Saturday 2 June 

Where: Meet at Captain Burke Park


Due to City2South 14km on Sunday, many of us are meeting for a shorter 10km run a little later sooo...

6am: meet up for a 1.5 hour run (no coaches)

6:30am: meet up for an hour run (coaches available)

7:30am: finish and stretch 

8isham: take away breaky from Puk

8am - Breaky, Coffee, and Cake in the Park!!! 

What: It is Arn's Birthday on Sunday, so we would love to celebrate and share a cake (healthy one of course!) on Saturday morning with you all. Bring a Picnic Blanket or Chair for the park. 

We would love to see those of you with kiddies who don't usually come Saturdays to pop in and say hi, Arn would love some extra play mates. 

I will be bringing some park games and there is a playground. 

Grab some breaky and coffee from Puk then hang out in the park for a catch up chat. 

Cost: $2

Sunday - City2South

Kick off - 7:30am for 5km, 8am for 14km 

Meeting Point: In front of Parliament House, Corner of Alice and George Street. 
There are usually portaloos there and the event starts in George Street. 

If we don't see you, keen an eye out for the Blue and White at the end. 

Good luck!!


We will be putting in an order soon for On Tour Uniforms. SO, if you would like to order any BRS uniforms, now is the time! 

CLOSING DATE: Monday 12th June 

Remember - we will invoice you for payment when we receive your order and delivery is usually 5-6 weeks. 


Happy Running 
BRS Coaches 

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