Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Saturday Session, Beach to Brother Training Program, some FAQ's

Saturday Sesson

When: Saturday 21st July

Where: Meet at the Rotunda, New Farm Park

Time: 6:30am - 8am (Noth later start)

What: Options. 6:30am go for a long warm up/long run, then New Farm Park Run which leaves from very near the meeting point.

Cost: free

Breaky at the Jan Power Markets afterwards.  Plenty of options.

Dan will be there at 6:30am to co-ordinate.  Please also not there will be no refreshments provided.  But, there are heaps of options in and around the markets.

Beach to Brother Update

With only 11 weeks to go to our next on tour assault, training is heating up.

Our new uniforms are on their way, they look awesome by the way, all accommodation has been finalised and paid for and I hope everyone has either entered the event or has a good idea of what they plan to be competing in.

I have designed a lead up training program for the next 11 weeks to assist everyone in preparing for the event.  You can access this from the link provided to you on the messenger group or just click link below:

I have received a few FAQ's about the program.

1. The program doesn't seem long enough?
I have broken the program up into 3 blocks, Build, Adapt and Taper.  The build phase is only    available at the moment, stay tuned for the next 2 phases.

2. Beach to Brother is a multi terrain event, how will I manage my training referring to distance verses time on feet.
I would recommend  judging your training using distance.  I understand that a training run of similar distance in the trails will take longer, but to keep it simple focus on distance.  We will be including various types of terrain eg. trails and beach during the program which will accommodate the greater time taken to complete.

3.  There is only a Wednesday and a Saturday session included in the training program.  What about other sessions?
Due to our winter model only Wednesday and Saturday are official BRS training sessions.  I would recommend doing at least 1 other running session on your own giving you a total of 3 sessions per week.  Stay in touch on our messenger groups for details of other runs.

4. How far should I be running now to get prepared for the race.
Within the program I have included an approximate guide of expected distances you should be running during your long run.  Please note this is a guide, due to the differing distances in the race and the fact that we will be training on various terrains, distance can vary slightly.

5. How about practice races?
In the program I have included 2 official practice events.  The Brisbane Marathon Festival and Running CEO's.  There are however many events during the 11 weeks that would be great practice events.  Feel free to enter as many as you want.

If anyone has other questions, please let me know.

Happy Running

BRS Coaches.

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