Thursday, August 2, 2018

Saturday Session, Brisbane Marathon Festival and Coop's Corner

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 4th August

Time6:30am - 8:00am [NOTE later start]

Where: Meet at the steps near South Beach Social (Previously Southbank Surf Club), Southbank

What:  Run, followed by Parkrun, just a long Run, or whatever you like.  Take it easy if you are competing in the Brisbane Marathon Festival on Sunday.

Followed by Breakfast and a coffee of course.

Cost: Free

Brisbane Marathon Festival

This Sunday 5th August is the McDonalds Brisbane Marathon Festival.  We have a strong representation of the Blue and White army competing in everything from the marathon to the kids 2km races.

Marathon and Half Marathon: Those competing in these events can meet from 5:30am inside the big gates of the Botanical Gardens on corner of Alice and Albert St.  Race starts at 6am.

10km: Meet inside the big gates of Botanical gardens on corner of Albert and Alice st at 6am.  Race starts at 6:30am, plus you guys can cheer on the marathon and half marathon if you get there on time.

5km: Starts at 10:30am

2km: Starts at 11:15am

Spectators: I (Matt and the boys) will be standing on the Southbank side of the Goodwill Games Bridge from about 6:30am ish. After the 10kers finish, we will move down closer to 
Epicurus to cheer on 1/2 and fulls.  Look for the cool dude with the well behaved kids. 

Coop's Corner

Welcome to the first edition of Coop's Corner. Matty Cooper, BRS Coach, Run Leader, Running guru and all round top bloke is sharing is words of wisdom and learnings from years of running experience. 

"They say variety is the spice of life. I don't know who ‘they' are, but the concept of doing the same thing too much and getting stuck in a rut is very true. The same theory applies to a good running program. Running, at face value is a simple sport. One foot in front of the other. The more you run, the further you run, the better you get. And while this is true to a certain extent, a time will come where you will hit and inevitable plateau and possibly even see a decline in your performances. If you are running purely for leisure or fitness, then getting out the door 3 times a week is great. Mix up the scenery and you are sweet. 

But if you are after improvement, there are different ways to approach your run that all have a different purpose. We will look at a few each week and look at how they can be worked into a program that can bring back some spice to your running!

1.    1.  Interval work: Interval work (or reps as it can also be referred to) is something that we are all familiar with. This element of training is what the majority of BRS sessions consist of. A series of repetitions with passive or active recovery. The distance or speed of the session depends on where the session sits in relation to events. The purpose is to get to your body used to running at a faster pace and building aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

2.     2.Long Run: Another easy one. Literally, it is supposed to be easy. The goal of a long run is simply time on feet. While it is ok to have an idea of the average pace you want to maintain or a distance goal, it is best to run based on time. If the goal is 2hours, then whether you are having a good day or a shocker, sticking to a time means you are not struggling through to an end distance risking burn out or injury. It also means you can tackle some hilly terrain or some trails without worrying about your 28k taking an hour longer than it would if you just stuck to Southbank!

3.     3. Fartlek: This term translates to speed play. From German I think. But don't quote me! Basically you take a normal run from home; anything from 30min to an hour, and instead of running the same pace the whole way you throw in efforts of varying distance. The beauty of fartlek is that the length of the efforts don't matter. I've read suggestions of using light poles for example. It can be more structured with specific time (such as the famous Mona fartlek) but unlike interval work; you don't stop running. It's just about bursts of intensity. The best fartlek session I did this year I didn't worry about the speed of the hard efforts, but focused on keeping my recovery time at a certain pace. Great way to think about it. If you can train your body to recover at a faster pace... that's gotta mean good things come race day.

That's it in a nutshell this week. Next time, I will explore some other key sessions including the many types of Tempo (or threshold) runs, hill work and the all important recovery runs.

Yours in blue and white"

Happy Running
BRS Coaches 

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