Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What a Day!

BIG Congratulations to the 27 BRSers young and younger who participated in the Brisbane Marathon Events over the weekend.

We had runners in most events starting with the 2km kids event on Saturday. Noah and Madison had yet another great race with Noah completing the race in less than 5min/kms! Well done.

We had 2 Marathon Runners, Matt C competing in his first EVER, smashing it in 3:01hrs. Sensational effort coming 2nd in his age-group. Steve H was a pacer for the marathon helping other in the field reach their goal! well done guys.

BRS Half Marathoners also had a great day on a tough, 'incliney' course. Well done Micheal K, Michael Y, Peter C, Darrell G, Melissa F, Scott G - Well done!

And our 10km runners also blitzed the course, as familiar to them as the back of their own hand!

Great performances by all! Special mention Sam Carpenter coming third in his category in a time of 52mins! Great stuff.

The photos have been uploaded to Picasa accesses via our homepage and facebook!

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Happy Running
Your BRS coaches - Renae & Matt

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