Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saturday Session & BRS on Tour update

Saturday Session

Long run Saturday is upon us again!!
When: Saturday 28th April, 2012
Time: 6:30am for a 1.5 hour run or 6am for a 2hr run
Meet: New Farm Park Rotunda
Cost: $2

With less than 10 weeks to go til Gold Coast Marathon Festival, I hope to see everybody out for the long or extra long run, especially the 1/2 and full marathoners!

Oh and yes markets are on so tasty treats following the run.

BRS on Tour - Sydney Running Festival Update

Thanks to our 19 BRSers who are joining us on our BRS on tour event this September! I can't wait.
Email: Michelle Henry ( if you are still interested!

Loving the new Thursday night core sessions! I hope others are too!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt


  1. Looks like it's really fun in Brisbane. I hope I'll get the chance to visit there someday.


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